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Kendrick Hobbs Expertise

Our work focuses exclusively on catering and related activities, although within this sector the specifics of the assignments we are asked to undertake vary considerably. In order to define our services we have classified key areas of work into five main categories. Whilst the boundaries of these are not strictly defined, and they tend to merge into one another, they do illustrate the parameters of our services.

Often ‘new facilities’ are in new buildings, but not always. Either way our ‘new facilities’ work tends to focus on helping Clients plan, design and implement new catering operations.

Planning ‘new facilities’ throws up a number of primary issues including: what sort of catering should it be? how much space is needed? who should or could run the catering? how much will it cost to fit out a facility? how much profit will the business make or is a subsidy likely?

The support we provide is often delivered in the form of feasibility studies, market competition analysis, design briefs, design development and strategies for venues of all sorts.

We always focus on looking at the unique aspects of the opportunity and therefore how to make the catering work best for its venue or premises.

Our work with ‘existing facilities’ (operations that are already running) includes operational, design, contractual and financial reviews.

This is potentially the broadest area of our work but typically the primary issues include: how well is catering performing in quality and/or financial terms? is the operating structure appropriate? what might a refurbishment achieve? how much is the business making or losing and does this match the potential?

The key when assessing an existing operation is to understand what market it is in, who its customers are, where its competition is located, what its potential is and how best to achieve this in operational and management terms.

We regularly support with the implementation of agreed recommendations.

Design work forms an important part of our portfolio because it enables us to support Clients, in literal terms, deliver and implement an agreed concept or strategy.

The support we provide includes: spatial assessments, preliminary layout schematics, project budgeting, detailed CAD planning, equipment specification, catering fit-out tendering and installation project management.

Designing a café or restaurant or a kitchen or bar area is rarely undertaken in isolation and we are experienced in fitting into and working with multi disciplinary design teams lead by architects, project managers or Clients directly.

Where we are unique is focusing on the implications that the design imposes on the management of the facility and the customer as this is how to ensure the facility ultimately operates effectively.

We regularly support Clients in operator search and selection processes to find catering partners who are able to manage catering on behalf of the Client.

In some cases this involves tendering management contracts via a formal exercise including pre-qualification, invitation to tender, site visits, presentations etc.

Increasingly in commercial sectors, we are asked to deliver bespoke solutions through management structures toned to be flexible and sympathetic to the host venue. However a caterer is found it is important to set out clear responsibilities in contracts and standards agreements.

Often a contracted out option suits a Client but not always. We regularly support develop in-house management teams and or partnership arrangements in which a Client body can either take, or share some of the risk, if they want a more active management role.

We find that site support and auditing often follows earlier involvement in a process and this area of work seeks to support on-going implementation of a series of recommendations.

What is absolutely vital, and often in fact overlooked, is actually delivering a series of agreed actions/ a plan/ strategy etc. and making sure performance is measured and monitored against expectations. Even the best plans need to be adapted and developed to meet new challenges in what is always a changing marketplace.

Of course it depends on the situation but in most cases in which we are involved the catering business is under pressure to achieve targets, be these sales or cost driven.

Our involvement enables a focus to be retained on key issues.