Kendrick Hobbs Expertise

Our work focuses exclusively on catering and related activities, although within this sector the specifics of the assignments we are asked to undertake vary considerably. In order to define our services we have classified key areas of work into five main categories. Whilst the boundaries of these are not strictly defined, and they tend to merge into one another, they do illustrate the parameters of our services.

Creating new facilities
Often ‘new facilities’ are in new buildings, but not always. Either way our ‘new facilities’ work tends to focus on helping Clients plan, design and implement new catering operations.

Planning ‘new facilities’ throws up a number of primary issues including: what sort of catering should it be? how much space is needed? who should or could run the catering? how much will it cost to fit out a facility? how much profit will the business make or is a subsidy likely?

The support we provide is often delivered in the form of feasibility studies, market competition analysis, design briefs, design development and strategies for venues of all sorts.

We always focus on looking at the unique aspects of the opportunity and therefore how to make the catering work best for its venue or premises.

Improving existing facitilies
Design development
Operator tendering & letting
Auditing & site support